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  • Built in power: 3kw
  • Powered by: hydraulics
  • Single cracking cycle: 11 sec
  • Walnut quantity: 45-60/per cycle
  • Modes: Step-by-step, Manual, Automatic
  • Control: Microprocessor unit
  • Calibration: according to every single nut’s height.
  • Quality of production: First grade nut,the kernel is intact

The machine has a bunker with dosator, which approximately determines the quantity of the walnut entering the device, a brush which loads the nests with walnut, and unloads them after cracking. Devices tracking every nut’s height and a microprocessor unit, which controls the whole machine.

The cracking happens simultaneously, while the machine tracks the height of the walnuts, that are loaded (there is 15mm tracking of the height, until every nut is fixed in its place) and  presses them with predefined depth, optimally 2-3mm, so that it keeps the kernel intact. The time for a single cycle is 11 seconds.

The machine has step-by-step mode, manual adjustment mode, automatic mode.

The current prototype is manufactured for maximum height of the walnut equal to 35mm. The machine can be manufactured with removable nests, which can be customized for cracking other shelled nuts.

There is a sample machine ready for public demonstration. If you are interested, contact us.

You can see the video demonstration


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